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The Enhanced Reality Engine™

The Enhanced Reality Engine™ (ERE) is our proprietary technology platform that boasts a robust feature set that includes 10+ patents that cover modern technologies such as augmented/mixed reality, motion/gesture tracking and audio recognition. By providing an intelligent, holistic solution for brands, we  heighten each stage of the purchase journey. Our tech is built from the ground up, which gives you the unparalleled opportunity to fully customize its capabilities based on any objective.

Computer Vision

We develop augmented, virtual, and mixed reality experiences using any user device camera. Our technology is platform agnostic, compatible with current and older phones, tablets, and PCs. Our technology accounts for troublesome variables such as damage, lighting, motion, and obscure angles, ensuring a memorable experience. The Enhanced Reality Engine™ is the most scalable and performant solution on the market: it runs on over 4 billion devices – both in-app and on the web – and guarantees that your audience can access your brand’s enhanced reality experience on any device at any time.

Audio Recognition

We leverage pre-canned audio, including beats, lyrics, or live announcements, to trigger enhanced experiences. Our patented audio recognition technology cancels out surrounding ambient noise, which allows you to reach consumers in noisy locations like malls, stadiums, concert venues, or even on the street. By accessing multiple senses beyond just visual cues, you can create simple, yet immersive experiences that elevate your brand’s message.

Machine Learning

We build state-of-the-art neural networks that power advanced machine learning algorithms to offer our partners more accurate and scalable solutions while also bringing them to market in a fraction of the time. Through image, audio, and pattern recognition, our technology learns to perform intricate tasks from data alone. Our models are trained with hundreds of thousands of samples so that the system is capable of detecting and understanding subtle differences in movements performed by different consumers.


We love the journey, not just the destination!

With bases in both the UK and US, Disruptional is a cutting edge technology organization that’s pioneering the future of enhanced reality. Consumer expectations are changing rapidly, demanding that brands and products understand ‘who they are’ and ‘what they stand for’ in an authentic way. Disruptional puts the customer first by delivering seamless enhanced reality experiences that leverage familiar digital behaviours and keep interactive moments brief, instantaneous, and valuable. Our computer vision and machine learning technologies are fully customizable to power experiences for Beauty, Real Estate, Advertising, CPG, Retail, and more. Discover Disruptional’s industry-specific solutions: Beauty Labs and PlayFusion.


Our drive to innovate is what gets us up in the morning. We seek out new challenges to see how far we can elevate the industry with our immersive and intelligent solutions. We work hand-in-hand with partners to ensure your vision becomes a reality, delivering an immersive digital experience where consumers can explore, experiment, and learn how to use your products. The more innovative, disruptive, or seemingly impossible – the more the challenge appeals to us. Challenge us with the impossible!


We’re actively growing our world-class team and are reaching out to code ninjas, developers, designers, animators, scientists, engineers, creators, and most importantly, those who want to change the way people see, hear, and experience the world.


Beauty Labs is a Disruptional company with a focus on bringing innovative and intelligent experiences to the beauty and wellness industry. From personalized recommendations to virtual trainings, Beauty Labs’ technology empowers consumers to explore, purchase, and learn how to use your products all while deepening the connection to your brand.

PlayFusion is Disruptional’s gaming and entertainment solution and was founded by the multi-award-winning team behind what was formerly the UK’s largest independent games developer and publisher. PlayFusion boasts over 150 game and toy credits across over 300 SKU’s, including some of the best-selling franchises in video game history.


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